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Now you can join our Buyer's Club to get our beef year 'round.

 Yes, I'd Like Some Grass-Fed Beef...

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With this we now are working how to provide beef and related products on more than just a once-a-year basis. It doesn't mean that we have any more beef available from our farm than we already have.

It does mean that we can process a beef at any time and make it available to you, along with other offers from related farmers and organizations. Our processor, for instance, has various special cuts which may be limited in supply. (Pork brats, hamburger patties, etc.)

Depending on supplier, they will have different pick-up details.

So we are starting this Buyer's Club and implementing monthly emails to let you know what is available.

Later, there will be ebooks and email-courses about farming, raising cattle, gardening, etc. 

Meanwhile, where to go to find local farmers near you:
You can always contact me via email: robertworstell (AT) worstellfarms (DOT) com
Or call (202) 630-0301.


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