Saturday, March 5, 2011

Grass Fed Meat has a Surprising Taste...

The only real disagreement I have with corn-fed beef is that it's comparatively tasteless compared to grass fed meat. At least by my experience in Missouri.

Not too long ago, I was a guest of my boss's partner at an upscale St. Louis restaurant. Pretty fancy overall, but not too many forks to figure out.

$50 entrees, though. (That partner was working to impress us, alright.)

I had their New York Strip steak just to see how it would taste.

It didn't.

Once you got past the heavily peppered outside, it didn't have any real distinguishing flavor. None.

Now I'm used to grass-fed steak and so I know how it can be tender or can be over-cooked into shoe leather. But it always has flavor.  It's own distinctive flavor.

This one, all $50 worth, didn't have any.

Because that flavor comes from the various grasses that beef consumed, particularly the last 60 days or so. What these guys got was a corn-finished beef which is fattened on corn for the last 30-60 days or so. Yes, that's the problem - corn robs the flavor from the meat.

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