Monday, March 14, 2011

What are "CLA's" and "Omega 3 and 6's"?!?

Here's some scientific jargon you can throw around during Missouri parties or at work to impress your friends and associates: “Omega 3 and 6, and CLA's.”

Now sit down, this get's thick. Following is a "simple" explanation from Kate Clancy, a senior scientist in the Union of Concerned Scientists - from a March 2006 publication called "Greener Pastures: How grass-fed beef and milk contribute to healthy eating."
The three omega-3 fatty acids—the so-called beneficial fatty acids—have been shown in many studies to improve health and prevent disease in humans. CLA has attracted attention because it has demonstrated many beneficial effects in animal studies. We have focused on the levels of these fats in milk and meat from pasture-raised cattle because, beyond their intrinsic value, widespread interest in these substances among health-conscious consumers could help shift American agriculture from conventional to pasture-based feeding systems. (pg 1)
(For more information about Omega 3 and 6's - see below PDF...)

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