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Succeed in Network Marketing Without Screwing Friends and Family

You can Succeed In Network Marketing - and Help Friends and Family TOO

Profile: Penh and Lyna Lo

The key point to the below - as you weed out all the specialized terms - is that there is at least one legitimate Network Marketing outfit which isn't simply a pyramid scheme. When you deal in real products with an actual guarantee - then you get out of the "scam" territory and into actually helping those around you to improve their lives. Do your own due diligence. Then decide for yourself. (From the Power of Shaklee, April 5th 2012)

Penh and Lyna Lo A Dream That Can Be Shared

Penh and Lyna Lo (Senior Executive Coordinators, MN) were looking for a company they could trust. Through a friend of a friend, Penh learned about Shaklee and after a lot of questions, they joined in September 2011. Within their first six months, they were promoted to Senior Executive Coordinator and earned $9,000 in FastTRACK bonuses, two trips and a Dream Car bonus. But more than that, in Shaklee, they have found a company they can share with others.

In February of 2008 we had less than $500. Our oldest was 11 months old, our financial world was imploding and we were desperately looking for an opportunity. Penh dove into the network marketing industry and started to rebuild our family’s finances. We became involved in a travel company, and although we made quick cash, our friends and family never experienced the same success that we did. We felt that we had sold them a dream of financial freedom that would never become their reality.

After that experience, Penh promised our family and friends that he would always do his due diligence before sharing an opportunity with them and he personally apologized to everyone he sponsored and their downlines. Penh reentered into the work force and for over three and a half years, while working full time, he thoroughly researched the network marketing industry, went to a lot of presentations, and looked at a lot of companies.

Penh was introduced to Shaklee by a woman who was not in Shaklee and through her, he met Keith Snelson (Associate, MN) who introduced him to Muzafer Najfi (Senior Executive Coordinator, MN). Penh attended one of Muzafer's presentations and by chance, Bo Short (Master Coordinator, VA) was also presenting that evening. Penh was one of only two guests there, but he believes he was in the right place at the right time. The other guest left, but Penh stayed, listened and did his due diligence. After the presentation, Muzafer spent another two hours with Penh answering all his questions. Then we took another two and a half weeks to research Shaklee and made the decision to sponsor in September 2011.

We’ve made some sacrifices but it was well worth it. Almost seven months later, we’re experiencing the success we were looking for…with Shaklee. Penh was able to replace his salary, we qualified for two trips – the Dream 2012 Incentive Trip to the Mayan Rivera and the Spring 2012 New Directors Conference, and we earned a Dream Car bonus. But the best part is that other people on our team are experiencing success as well! Thanks to Shaklee, we are able to offer a real opportunity to our family and those who trust us.

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