Thursday, July 19, 2012

Obesity in America - now it's worse than cigarettes

Why Americans think Obesity is worse than cigarette smoking

You can lose weight with Shaklee Cinch Diet Plan and exercise.Not too hard to find this one. A recent Gallup poll refreshed earlier findings on obesity. It shows that since cigarette smoking has been broadly discredited and reduced, obesity (and overweight conditions) has continued to rise.

"Most Americans say obesity is an "extremely" or "very serious" problem to society, the 81% who do so is up significantly from 69% in 2005, the last time Gallup asked this question. Americans now see obesity as a more serious societal issue than cigarettes -- a change from the past."

Of course, you have to thank our way of living in these Western culture nations. Fast food and sedentary lives have replaced home-cooking and high-caloric-throughput of physical labor jobs.

Few of us can now have physically demanding jobs where you actually have to walk a mile or more each day in addition to lifting and really physically working up a sweat during the course of the day. So many have instead started including work-outs in their daily regimen.Others have such a long commute that they are exhausted from simple stress at each day's end - wanting no more than to sit and watch TV with a beverage of choice at hand.

Diet is another scene entirely. Instead of fast food, we could all be eating healthy home-cooked food made from natural ingredients. But city life demands those long commutes and little access to sources or wholesomely grown food that we can afford.

Those of us who live on farms have this much simpler, since good food and plenty of exercise is built-in to our lifestyles.

This doesn't mean we can't get some extra pounds added on.

My own solution to this is to simply steer myself away from unhealthy eating by getting on a shake and supplement diet called the Cinch Inch Loss plan. It's from Shaklee, which is the leader in natural supplements. Built on studies of athletes, it was found that the amino acid leucine is key to keeping metabolism high by preserving muscle mass.

The trick is that this diet not only has great weight loss shakes (which can involve tons of recipes) but also pays for itself as you quit buying those expensive "latte's" and fast food "meals" which simply put pounds on. Instead, they have a system of meal and snack bars, as well as teas which are actually less expensive than what you are already paying for. It's a question of investing in your health instead of cravings for sweets, fats, and salts. You lose no convenience, but actually save time (which your boss will appreciate.)

If you follow the links above, you will be able to get more data on the Cinch Diet Plan which should be useful and help you solve any extra poundage you may want to rid of.

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