How To Buy Our Beef

It's not rocket science to buy wholesale grass-fed beef.

Buying Wholesale Missouri Grass Fed Beef Isn't Rocket Science.
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The short answer is: get on our list, and buy by the quarter, half, or whole.

As you've probably read through the other pages on this site, you'll probably know that we raise beef, sell the live animal, deliver that animal to the processor for you. Then you pick it up when the processor (R&R Processing out of Auxvasse, MO) calls to tell you it's ready. You pay us before we drop it off, you pay them when you pick your meat up.

  • We only sell by the quarter. It's called "custom-exempt" by Missouri and US statute. This means the owner is able to get his beef processed for his own use. (You can buy as many quarters you want.)
  • That's why you buy part or all of a live animal. And why you have to pay us before we take it to the processor. If we aren't paid for an animal share when its time is due, we'll move someone else into that slot who has. Just the way the law is written.
  • We only take checks (unless you want to drive up here and give us cash.) We aren't a bank and this isn't ecommerce.
  • We keep our prices right around what we'd get by taking that beef to auction instead. So you get high-quality beef without the extra cost of all the people and packaging in-between.
  • You pay us for a share or a whole, then pay the processor when you pick up your beef.

Keep it Simple, that's Sane.

So here's the steps:
  1. Get on our mailing list.
  2. Look for an email in early April and reserve your share.
  3. Wait for a personal email saying when your beef has its appointment.
  4. Send us a check before then in order to keep your spot.
  5. Wait for a call from R&R about how you want it cut.
  6. Wait for a call from R&R telling you it's ready for pickup.
  7. Drive to Auxvasse with your coolers to pick it up.
  8. Enjoy your incredibly good-tasting beef.
(PS. There may later be a way we can get people into a "buyer's club" to buy by the pound, almost any time of the year - but this looks to be only hamburger - and that's another story.)
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