Sunday, February 9, 2014

How a Wholesale Beef Buyers Club Can Save You...

What is a Buyers Club?

Buy Grass Fed Beef through a Buyers Club - easierEssentially, its a group of people who have joined together to protect and preserve your right to eat healthy beef (and other produce).

This Buyers Club is sponsored by Worstell Farms. And as it’s a private membership, it has little to do with any sort of regulations governing commercial activities. We don’t offer any goods to anyone who isn’t a member. The dues and fees paid as part of this club are a private matter.

And the members are free to accept or reject any offer of goods. And they can quit their membership at any time.

It overall idea is that there are farmers who want to offer their produce directly to regular customers. And customers who want a regular supply of beef. So the buyers club simply matches up suppliers with consumers. But only on a membership basis.

This helps protect customer, the farmer, and the buyer from interests which don’t have the mutual benefit of all in mind, as shown by their actions.

The chief advantage of a Buyers Club is it’s ability to enable farmers with various  types of produce to match up with potential members. Neither farmer nor customers want to go out and do this on their own. One beef is too much meat for the average family, which can usually only deal with a quarter-beef easily. The farmer would have to find 4 customers for each beef, or the customer would have to find 3 other people to “go in” on a beef.

So there is efficiency in belonging to a buyer's club.

The other advantage is being able to buy samples and smaller quantities if you are part of a club which owns the animals they process. It's up to the club itself to regulate this (much as any corporation can own and process beef and distribute to friends and family members as it sees fit.)
You save by buying in wholesale - bulk, but not too much bulk. Just enough for you to use in 6 months or a year.

The one regulation we follow is that we use state-inspected processors to do this work. And the laws as currently written state that the animal owner can have their beef processed for their own use. Since we have multiple owners of each beef, before it reaches the processor, those owners can have the beef processed to their liking. Occasionally, the club will own the entire beef - and that enables special and limited purchases by club members - since they already bought part of that animal with their membership feed.

What you're paying is the service charges for finishing the beef to adequate weight, delivery to the processor, and any additional services you’ve agreed with the farmer to provide. This is an old, old arrangement, which was actually originated by a Federal inspector and described by Joel Salatin in his bestseller, “Salad Bar Beef”.

The cost of actual beef ownership is kept low, the bulk is in service charges per pound delivered.

So if you’re interested, contact us today and we’ll get you set you up with a membership - and usually gets you a discount from your first order.

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