Saturday, October 3, 2009

Welcome - and thanks!

Thanks for visiting my blog and giving me some of your time.

I hope to bring you consistently good content about raising and marketing grass fed beef cattle through the posts on this blog.

I've been working in this area for about 9 years now, having taken over my parents' farm and learning all I can about it. Turns out, with the land we have, grass fed beef cattle are more profitable than any other crop we have - but the two cheapest crops to raise are grass and trees. Of course, then, the most profitable sight you can see is a herd of cattle grazing under a tree-shaded  pasture.

(It turns out, oddly, that cattle will eat more if they have shade, and grass grows better if it's shaded during part of the day. So my farm needs to look like a savannah to be the most profitable.)

Anyway, I have tons to write about as I keep my own research going. Hope to keep you informed, entertained, or enlightened as I work this rural lifestyle.


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