Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Environmental Impact: Raising Pasture Fed Beef

Perhaps no species except for mankind itself that has gotten a worse rap about adversely affecting the environment than raising pasture fed beef.

The problem is not the cow, but the rancher. It's how you raise cattle that matters.

This section is going to tell the tip of an iceberg of little known data - how livestock raised according to natural patterns will actually improve the land they live on, and better than the majority of farming out there.

I'll have to discount a great deal of "conventional wisdom" which has grown up over the last few years. Most of this is urban legend, created by people with their own special reasons. All this data came to light as I studied to improve our own livestock care standards.

I only care here to tell what I know as the truth - from someone who has decided to make their living from raising food for other people. There is no real conclusive evidence on one side or the other - people will choose to believe as they will. But there is also no one-sided argument which will stand on its own. We only know what works for us on our particular farm, as well as the studies I'll refer to and link here.

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