Monday, March 7, 2011

Missouri Grass Fed Meat for You To Buy

Of course, our beef is special. Everyone's is. But seriously, we work to constantly improve the quality of the beef we feed here in Missouri as meat to buy, based on the needs of our clients, our own "taste tests" and what is good for our resident cows and calves (and the bull, too.)

What you get with Worstell Farms beef is based on how we raise them:
  • Only fresh grass and water - all they can eat.
  • No growth hormones or additives. They get needed salt and minerals as supplements.
  • Antibiotics only when they prescribed by a doctor (vet) to cure an illness.
  • Our beef has been selectively bred to thrive on grass, not grain.
  • Constant humane treatment in natural environments.
All of these, combined, result in incredibly good-tasting beef. And meanwhile, these animals are also improving the pastures they feed from, as part of the circle of life.
We sell by the quarter.
Meaning that we butcher the whole cow up to get the best and most numerous cuts and then parcel these up into even fourths so everyone gets some of the best cuts. Some people don't want the liver or other parts, so they can trade these off with other buyers, donate them to charity, or simply leave them for us and we'll do something with them. (And if you favor these parts, you might get a special email from us when there's a surplus...)

The average carcass is around 600 lbs., and a quarter-beef will give you about 75 lbs. of various cuts. We've found that an average freezer (stand-alone, not your typical refrigerator-freezer combo) will hold this easily and give a couple or small family enough to last them most of the year, depending on how many parties they host. Figure with what you share with friends and family, you may need to order once or twice a year.

The reason for quarters in in the way beef is cut (and you can see the parts charts at What Beef Cuts Are). The steaks are mostly in the front half and these are the most popular cuts. Our culture has put more emphasis on cuts which can be quickly seared on a hot barbecue, so chuck roasts aren't as popular. (Very little demand for ox-tail soup these days...)

(For more information about Grass Fed Meat for You to Buy, see below PDF:)

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