Friday, March 11, 2011

What's All-Natural, Humane, Pasture-Raised?

Left to themselves, cows are naturally pasture raised. But humans have a very interesting view of things – not just we who live in Missouri. Humans are unique among all other lifeforms with the ability to think and consider and worry about the life-forms around them. While other animals can readily care for and respect humans, they don't seem to put the empathy behind it that we do.

And while that isn't a negative attribute, there are humans among us who prey on others by exploiting this emotional context. "Humane" is actually putting human attributes and attitudes into other species around us, regardless of whether they exist there or not. When people are repeating emotionally-charged phrases such as "inhumanely treated", along with "factory farms" and "puppy mills", in all cases they are stretching things a bit thin.

Humans do not know exactly and precisely what is being "felt" by any other species on this planet. And that is our particular problem, if you will. We can project that "if that (animal) were human, this is what they'd feel". And that's about it.  

(for more information about pasture-raised beef, see below PDF...)

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