Thursday, March 10, 2011

Raising Missouri Pasture-Fed Beef

While pasture fed cattle have been in Missouri as long as the earliest settlers, this is actually one of humankind’s oldest interests and occupations. The ability to domesticate animals in order to provide a regular food supply has determined civilization's rise and fall throughout our histories.

However, it is modernly as precise and specific as any other trade.

It isn't anything you can just start doing once you graduate high school. While you can always get a job as a "hired hand", there's a wide gulf of learning between being able to drive a farm truck to actually caring for and raising live animals - and a host of responsibilities you can't learn to shoulder from any text book. You just can't go out into a pasture and pick up a steak.

Most who raise livestock have done so their entire lives, and have been able to listen to their parents and grandparents, uncles, and aunts to glean their experience in order to make it their own. However, any farmer can tell you that every day out there is another one in the classroom. And most farm living rooms are filled with books and magazines which tell the new methods and techniques which are being tried.

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