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Advice - Weight Loss Centers

Weight Loss Centers: Advice on Weight Maintenance

Many people set up their own local weight loss centers in order to help their friends and family with their Cinch Inch-Loss Plan. There are no particular rules regarding your center. You don't even have to own or rent a building. Any space you can meet and talk freely on a regular basis can be used.

The point is that you meet and discuss things regularly. The leader can even sent out text messages on a regular basis to keep everyone inspired during the week. Calls and emails to each other are encouraged.

What follows was originally written for Canadian Cinch Users and has been borrowed for our American friends and associates.


Once you’ve reached your weight loss goal with the Cinch® Inch-Loss Plan, it’s time to make the transition to weight maintenance and wellness. Here are some easy steps to follow:
1. Re-evaluate your daily calorie needs for weight maintenance.  
Use the CinchCoach™ software that came in the Cinch® Starter Kit or the “free analysis” tool available at to calculate your new calorie needs for the weight you intend to maintain. 

2. Use the structured meal plans for weight maintenance found in CinchCoach™ or at 
Choose the meal plan closest to your estimated calorie needs. The maintenance meal plans incorporate one Cinch® Shake (or one Cinch® Meal-in-a-Bar) and one Cinch® Snack Bar daily and other healthy food choices as meals and snacks to meet your calorie needs. You can also continue to use Cinch® Energy Tea Mix as desired. Follow your maintenance meal plan as closely as possible until you have a good sense of the amount of food and proper portion control that will promote a stable weight for you. 
3. Continue to monitor your weight weekly.  
If you find you’re still losing weight, boost your caloric intake just a bit – but do so slowly (add 100 calories a day for a week, then re-weigh) – until you find the right calorie level for maintenance. If you find you’ve gained weight, you may have overestimated your calorie needs. In this case, we recommend you either boost your physical activity or cut back your calorie intake slowly (subtract 100 calories a day for a week, then re-weigh) until you find the calorie intake that keeps your weight stable. 
4. Switch to other Shaklee supplements. 
Although we highly recommend you continue using Cinch® Shake Mix (or Cinch® Meal-in-a-Bar) as a healthy meal replacement, and Cinch® Snack Bars as desired as a healthy snack, your basic supplementation program can now switch from the use of Cinch® 3-in-1 Boost™ to a combination of other Shaklee wellness products. 
To promote lifelong health and vitality, replace 3-in-1 Boost with Shaklee Vitalizer™ (with or without iron) and add Shaklee OmegaGuard® and NutriFeron® into your daily routine. Heart and immune function health are critical to overall wellness. OmegaGuard is your source of omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil and helps reduce the risk of heart disease. The botanical blend in NutriFeron stimulates the body’s natural production of interferon, a key component of your immune system.
5. Don’t forget to stay active.  
Engaging in regular, daily physical activity is essential for long-term weight maintenance success, so we highly encourage you to continue with regular exercise as part of your normal daily routine. Continue to wear your Cinch® pedometer and be aware of how many steps a day you need to maintain your weight.

6. Visit from time to time.  
There are some great articles in the resource section that can be helpful in many aspects of successful weight maintenance. With determination and a positive mental attitude, you’ll maintain the weight you worked so hard to achieve.   We know you CAN do it!

More information about the Cinch Inch-Loss Diet Plan can be found as linked below:

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