Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Cinch Inch Transfomation Kit Arrives - Video!

The Cinch Diet Plan Transformation has Begun!

I got the package in a couple of days ago, but waited to get with my sponsor Scott - and videoed it so we could all get the data.

You have to see in this (other than some editing) this is pretty unrehearsed. (Yes, we both talk this fast in real life...)

The point is to bring it to you so you could see what exactly is in the package - since I haven't found anywhere else online where someone brings this up.

As well, Scott has a wealth of data on this - hard to believe he's been active in Shaklee just over a year or so.  But this is exactly what I wanted - to know how to get started right off and not have to read a bunch of stuff to make it make sense.

So here's where we rolled this out - just for you:


Just in case you need them, here's the links for the Cinch Inch Loss Transformation Kit, plus their special Cinch Sampler Kit you can get for free - just for signing up.

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