Sunday, March 25, 2012

Review: Free Online Weight Lost Center - Cinch Club

Cinch Club - Free Online Weight Loss Center

Of the two online weight loss centers which Shaklee provides, the is the free one. And what we'll review today.

It's remarkably easy to sign up for. (Did I mention it's free?!?) And behind the login as a real wealth of data.

Cinch Club Free Online Weight Loss Center

And we could spend all day just talking about the points that are available here. But I haven't gotten through all of them yet, myself.

Of course there the forums, where you can interact with like-minded people. But the recipes are great - to both get your weight and size down to where you want it, and also to train yourself in low-calorie-but-great-tasting ways to keep it there. Well over 60 different ones, many of them weight loss shake and smoothie recipes. Plus, they're all PDF's for easy download and printing. I hope to share many of these with you in the coming months.

The articles is another high point, however. Just that one in the image above is something else. Did you know that if you eat just before sleeping, your body tries to burn it off like you are awake? This could be the reason for all those wild dreams. And then, being tired the next day, you're wanting to eat more as your metabolism is lousy. Perfect diet-buster. Lesson? Keep to a schedule which has the last food at least 3 hours before sleeping. Again, I hope to excerpt these as I review this site later.

A next section to investigate (and there are so many options, a great site overall) is their Resources section - which is linked at the top of every page.

Cinch Club Online Weight Loss Center - Resources

A really useful link is that "Meal Plans" section above. You select your goal (lose weight or maintain weight), then what type of meal (regular, no dairy, no red meat, lacto-ovo-vegetarian) and then calorie level (1200, 1500, 1800, or 2100). When you click on Get Meal Plan, then a pdf comes up, ready to download.

Recipes and articles are also linked here, only you get right to the "View All" page. 

Up at the top, you can see a "Cinch-U", which is 12 weeks worth of courses that you can take to learn all about dieting and what you need to know to succeed. The first week is open to anyone (who doesn't want to sign up free) and tells you simply how the Cinch Inch Loss diet plan works, plus why you should exercise and how to create SMART goals. And there's a simple test after each one which tracks your progress.

Again, more to tell you about later as we go through this together. (I'll stick to the diet if you keep reading this blog...)

Over further, you'll see the forum. I was intersted to see that this is a pretty active forum, with people signing up every few days. And there are many posts coming in. I see several for this month and a couple just today - as I write this. What's great about the forum is that you can help others and help yourself. Looking through the posts, I see that people are keeping this posting in as a way to hold themselves accountable.

One thing I'd suggest you check out is their Expert Q&A under the Community Section. It's huge.

If that's the only reason for signing up to this free site, it would be enough. All the rest is gravy.

Well, I'd have to give this site an "A" rating. Everything is easy to find and all the questions I can think of right off have been answered (or made easily available.)

I'd suggest you check it out, too - regardless of what diet you are on. Or if you're dieting at all. Might give you a reason to start - and definitely will give you a reason to keep going.

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