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Weight Loss Men's Programs

Weight Loss Programs for Men - Not Your Girl's Diets

This isn't what your wife or girlfriend is doing. Let's get real here. Looking at bikini babes is one thing. But men over 40 know that it's not just about a rippling 6-pack and bulging biceps. What works for gals isn't what necessarily works for guys. And if you've had a career in construction or worked out a lot, that BMI index isn't necessarily accurate. Someone who was built like a tank in his early years isn't the same as a career desk jockey or a computer geek. Reality check.

What we have in common is that our energy isn't what it used to be and we want to be around to enjoy teaching our grandchildren to play catch, ride bikes, and do all the things we did as kids (well, the sensible ones, anyway - not the dangerous ones.)

Obesity in America these days has become an epidemic. Now around two-thirds of the country is overweight or obese. And we can see it in our love handles and our larger waist sizes. As well, this just leads to heart and diabetes problems if we ignore it. Plus other things.

Men don't have the same problems women do in losing weight. Pound for pound, it's faster for men to take it off than women. And the diet portions for  women aren't what a man needs to keep going. Plus, the real trick is in keeping it off. So when you look into a diet plan, you want to see what the follow-up is.

In any diet, you have 5 factors:

  • Calories In: You're going to have to change what you eat, that's obvious.

  • Calories Burned: Means getting some more exercise into your schedule. Real exercise.

  • A Decent Diet: The food you get has to be enough to keep you going, and not hungry during the day.

  • Mind Frame: How you got here has a lot to do with your thinking. You're going to need to learn about what you eat and be responsible. Like learning how to drive a truck and keep it on the road in any weather. Really.

  • The Club: You have to know there's buddies you can count on to help keep you on this wagon - now and later when you've got back to the shape you want.

What makes dieting tough

There's a concept known as Yo-Yo dieting. A guy gets on a diet, does it, loses weight, then gains it all back. Some celebrities like Rush Limbaugh have gone this route. The problem is that this isn't good for you. What you do on a diet is to change things temporarily, but this causes muscle damage that can be permanent.

Look, most diets out there deal simply with the fact that you have to eat less and exercise more. You count calories (or have someone do it for you) and that's pretty much it. Sure, there's fancy approaches to this - but they almost all boil down to the same few points.

The muscle problem is that the body goes through this famine-feast cycle. In a famine, the body looks for material it can burn while saving its reserves for later. Muscle is the usual suspect in this. The problem with this is that your muscles is where your metabolism comes from.

This is exactly why diets get a bad name. Most of them leave you hungry - and tired. You feel bad because you feel like you're starving and that's a bad thing. You don't have the energy you did when you started, so you break down and get something to give you some pep. And there goes the diet. When you go off the diet, you start feasting - and the body stores all the excess away in your fat against the next time you need it.

If you don't watch it, you can end up all gut and no muscle. Plus you have no energy and feel bad most of the time. So you keep putting on fat as you are moving around less. The trick is to keep your muscles in good shape as you get older.

A diet called the Cinch Inch Loss Plan is different. Mainly because the emphasis isn't just on weight. Also, their scientists (from Shaklee) worked with professional and Olympic athletes in sports nutrition. It was found that Leucine - a key amino acid which forms protein - was what sports nutritionists used to preserve lean muscle mass in work-out diets. And the research I've done shows no other mainstream diet has this. Check them out for yourself.

They've set up some supplements that are simple to use and keep you filled up all day. Just two shakes a day, plus snack bars and drinks which help you keep your energy up all day while you burn off the fat. This is why they emphasize tracking your inches, not just your pounds.

Like any sport - it's the carry-through.

You see this in golf or football all the time. A guy has to keep his eye on the ball, even after it arrives.

Same with weight loss diets. Any diet can be made to fail if you don't follow through. It's just common sense - look, it's easiest to do this as part of a team. Guys with similar goals in mind who will watch your back and keep you on the straight and narrow.

This is where Shaklee's Cinch Inch-loss Diet shines. They have a couple of sites, one paid ( and one free ( so you can get your head around what you need to do to lose weight and how you keep it off as well. And there's articles about how to do it and people you can team up with while you're dieting and aftewards. When you get started on Cinch, the first 3 months of Cinchwellness are free. (The point of charging is so they don't have to run ads and the spammers can't get in.)

But let's face one point here - you are changing your life for the better and you won't be going back. From here on out, especially after you've gotten down to the shape you want, you're going to be keeping an eye on your weight and your calorie count. One great thing about Cinch is that you can simply cut back to a single serving per day (which is convenient, since it's a fast meal to produce). And you're going to keep your exercise in. 

Sure, as teen-agers, we had it made. But since middle age, we have to work a bit at this. It's just a responsible thing we need to do for the other people in our lives. You're just going to have to shift your mental gears to get this done. But that's the way it is.

If you want to feel better and younger, you're going to have to change what you're doing. But only slightly. You can still enjoy your steaks. But know you are going to work that extra fat off while you keep the protein.

PS. You can also make some extra income at this - but that's another story for another time.

More information about the Cinch Inch-Loss Diet Plan can be found as linked below:

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