Monday, April 2, 2012

Cinch Weight Loss Offer Continued...

News: Cinch Diet Plan Special Extended!


Cinch Transformation Pack is back!

Over the weekend, they released an extension to the special. This means that the "4 months for 3" deal is back on.

Until July 31, anyone can sign up for this great offer and get a fourth month of Cinch free for buying 3 months-worth. That brings the monthly cost down to about $225.

Now, if you still aren't certain this diet plan is the best one for you, there are still several options:

1) Sign up with a $70 purchase and get the free Cinch Sampler pack.

2) Or get the Cinch Starter Kit to try out the diet for 2 weeks. (And get the free tape measure, odometer, and diet plan software - all included.)

3) Or - just take the dive like I did and go ahead and commit to changing your life with 4 months of filling, energy-filled supplements

OK, that's quite a pitch, I know. You'll have to excuse me. After ten days and seeing both pound and inches disappear, I can get excited about this stuff.

But figure that you can pay for this with the money you save on fast food, as well as the meals you don't have to buy. And if you stick to it, the only problem you will have is that those thinner clothes in your closet are going to welcome you again. (Hope they aren't out of style too much...)

And don't take my word for it. Check it out for yourself.  All the data you need is located at that last link.

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