Monday, April 30, 2012

OK, so I backslid on my Cinch Diet Plan - and...?

Plateau's, Backsliding, and Cinch Diet Plan

Coach's Pizza - Best Downtown Pizza in Mexico MOOK, so I apologize for not blogging more. Just saw that it's been almost a month since I last raved about my Shaklee Cinch Inch-Loss Plan.

Here's a short rundown. I've been busy eating more or less what I was supposed to, and as long as I stuck right to the diet, I was going along fine.

  • First week: 4 pounds lost
  • 2nd week: 3 pounds lost
  • 3rd week: 3 pounds lost
  • 4th week: 2 pounds lost

So I was pretty happy with all this. Went from 244 down to 232 - and I went a belt size smaller (literally another notch).

Bad news - 5th week gained 2 pounds.

What happened? Got cocky and quit watching my portions. As well, I got "bored" with the diet and added a banana with my morning shake, plus moved the snack up to the mid morning, as that was when I really needed the energy  - for my farm work. (More like a workout, since it entails a variety of exercise - from walking a couple of miles cross-country in heavy boots, and lifting heavy items, such as getting a mower off a roadside loaded into the backend of a pickup truck.)

The good news is that I haven't been lacking for energy at all. And feel nicely hungry just before meals, so I feel like eating.

The culprit, as I said, was larger portions. And desserts (I have a weakness for brownies.) Added to this the fact that I spent what seemed like most of last week in the seat of a tractor all day. While this is strenuous, it isn't all that physical. Of course, I spend most of my afternoons in front of a computer screen making my living's other half - but that's not so much of the excuse. 2 days of not -so-strenuous work on a tractor dropped down my calorie consumption.

You see that pizza slice above? That was the demon I visited early in the week. All-you-can-eat buffet. And I did. Oops.

But you see here what I should have had to begin with: hit that salad bar and be responsible. And maybe ask for a pizza with extra vegetables on it, maybe leave the crusts (or take them home for my dogs).

Now the solution is in an MP3 from Dr. Jamie McManus about plateaus. It's a scene of where your calories-in matches your calories-out. What you have to do then is to strictly get back onto your Cinch Diet and then simply work to improve your exercise.

One thing I noticed as I write this is that I dropped out one of my favorite things - which was to walk my pastures in the late afternoon as I went to check my cattle for new calves. That's about 1-2 miles in addition to the am. I've been treating a calf that twisted its leg and so needed to run down 3 times a day in a vehicle toting something. Better organization would simply have me getting some foresight going as to what feed and water would be needed. Do all that in one load in the early morning, then walk the other two times. Without the truck, I could then walk across the pastures and check into what the cows were actually doing - cross-country instead of giving them a lick-and-a-promise.

(That calf has been able to stand up on its own now, so we get it up to make sure it gets some exercise every day. And thanks for asking. Video here.) 

My consistent observation about Cinch and where I've seen people not get expected results: they just aren't doing the program for one reason or another.If you get the whole kit and follow the instructions, then you lose both inches and pounds each week.

Oh - and my plans for the bonus month of my Transformation Kit special - do the extreme track and see how much I can lose. Means the supplies won't last me more than about 3 weeks, but I should have an acid test for someone who really wants to drop the pounds and inches. (Or recover from a binge like my small one above.)

And I hope to post more frequently about this diet. (You see, I got this new Android Smartphone and was checking it out...)

Let's hope your pounds are coming off like mine - or better.

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