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3 Success Tips for Cinch Diet Plan

3 Tips to Cinch Diet Plan Success

  1. Men's Diet is simpler with the Cinch Diet PlanRest when you're tired.
  2. Eat only when you're hungry.
  3. Drink when you're thirsty.

Of course, these are common sense. And "everyone" knows these, don't they?

Well, maybe so, but do they actually listen and follow their own body's signals?

Eating has become something that's disrelated from reality. We don't have the problem (for most people) of not having food in front of us. We don't go days without a meal as our ancestors did. The problem we have is that we are on a "now we're supposed to" schedule of activities which have kept us avoiding any symptoms of hunger or discomfort.

Meals are on a schedule, regardless of whether you need to eat or not. So we too frequently simply are into the social event of eating, rather than feeding the body what it needs when it needs it. Too often I've gone to a "dinner" which winds up some 2 hours later than I normally eat. It's a long, drawn out affair which starts out with some people having wine or drinks first, then filling up with a heavy meal after, then some 3 hours after sitting down, you get up to toddle off home. If you're used to eating at 6pm, then you aren't eating until 8 or later - on top of tossing back a few just to be "sociable". So you have a heavy meal right before sleeping, which means it's going to be stored away as fat.

When we eat large portions (a habit picked up when we were teens and needed all that fuel to grow and run our bodies) we no longer utilise all those nutrients, so the body stores them as fat. But that's OK, since we get complacent with the way things are and figure that it's fine to always be full. Plus (as I went over in an earlier post) you are gaining both visceral (belly) fat and liver fat, which in turn slow down your metabolism - so you don't want to do much and you burn less calories. So you are on that slippery slope to gaining more weight where you don't need it - which then wrecks your metabolism and slows down your system. What you ultimately inherit from this is heart disease, diabetic indicators, and bad joints, gout, and many other problems.

The solution is simple prevention. Get rid of that extra fat now and live an energetic, healthy life from there on out.

But if you simply keep doing what you've been doing, then you'll keep on that slope.

One solution could be called "cinching the girth".  When a horse doesn't want to be harnessed, they'll hold their breath so the girth is loose. A smart horseman won't get in the saddle in that condition, but will make the horse let go of that air and tighten the girth up every time that horse lets some go. Ultimately, you get a tight fit which is safe to ride.

Diets are simply "eat less, burn more". So if you hit a plateau where you don't lose any more weight, you simply have to drop more calories or get more exercising done - on a daily basis. Look over what you're eating and see what you can cut out, or change to a lower calorie version. Adding a salad and vegetables, while taking a smaller portion is sensible. Skipping fried, salty foods (or the extra cheese) is another. And desserts, snacks... well you know what happens there.

And this is what I love about the Cinch Inch Loss Diet Plan. You get some great tasting food which has all the flavors and sugar taste you've been used to. But the calories are down and also you are just as full with the leucine and vitamins you need to boost your metabolism while you cut down all that mass of food you've been used to.

There's another adage which Adelle Davis used to repeat "Eat breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince, and Dinner like a Pauper."  You can see the logic in this right off. You are probably most active in the morning, and least active after dinner. So it makes since to eat less and less through the day. 

After working my breakfast (and coffee) up and down and around, I finally settled on getting a shake with a banana in it, then going out to do chores and coming back to get my coffee (I like honey in it) and a half peanutbutter/jelly sandwich (spread it half-way across for each, then fold it over). This allows my coffee not to interfere with my shake, plus gives it some bread to absorb all that side-effect  coffee has on the stomach by itself.

While the breakfast concept is a hard one to master in our current "get-up-and-get-gone" culture, I did make the one regular meal I eat with the Cinch Diet Plan to be lunch. And quit eating anything in the evening after my dinner Cinch supplement (either a shake or a meal bar) - well, I'll have fruit.

And when I'm tired, I'm ready to sleep. It's not because I had some sugar or caffiene or something else which is keeping me up. So I rest well and get up with some energy. Plus, I'm ready for breakfast.

You know what? When you're hungry, food starts tasting better. Not just good - great!

Yes, there are side-effects to this diet. You have a lot more energy and feel more like doing stuff. I quit having that after-lunch droop - now I can stay focused straight through. Well, until my body says it's time for that afternoon Cinch snack.

But the funny thing is - as I only eat when I'm hungry, that snack might be just before dinner. Since I'm not hungry again until just before bed, that fruit takes the edge off. So I'm winding up having next to nothing for dinner (that pauper concept.)

Tomorrow, I do my weekly weigh-in and I'll let you know if I'm on track again. Since I only really nailed this routine down this week, it may only be that I'm the same level.

In that case, I'm not going to let up on the girth. I'll keep this schedule in and then add more exercise to the mix. Yesterday, I added an extra mile walk at noon, to go check on a calf who's mending. Take all the supplies for the day down in the am by truck, but all the other visits are by foot - and probably come back overland, where I can check out my pastures to see where I can put my cattle next. But farmers can move their schedule around like that. It does take some attention, but exercise isn't a short suit around here.

And here's hoping your own diet is going as well.

(One girth I'm being reminded of is that my belt is a notch tighter. Means my pants are a size too big now...)

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