Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How Cinch Diet Plan Really Works - if you follow it.

Shaklee Diet Plan ShakesUps, Downs, and Side-ways - Cinch Diet Plan Results

While I haven't been logging my posts about weight-loss and inch-loss progress, it's not like I haven't had any.

The problem is, as I've found, that if you don't follow the program, you get different results.

My core problem has been getting past 220lbs. However, I've done down 3 pants' sizes. That is more the result I wanted.

The deal is that if you don't follow the diet choices, then you simply are rolling the dice. Today, I'm back to 230. Now, I started at 244, so I still have a net loss of 14 pounds. (And don't forget the 3 pants' sizes.)

The side benefit is that I have considerably more energy available. So I often will skip the afternoon snacks and have found that "dinner like a pauper". Result is leftover snack bars and meal bars.

And I adjust this now to enter my final month of this diet. Final, because I entered this with the idea that I'd be able to afford the diet if I took their 4-for-3 month's purchase special. It was simply a test which concludes when the supplements do.

The idea originally was to move over to a more extreme version for the last month. Unfortunately, the only reference I found was to use water instead of milk, and use 3 scoops instead of 2. For that, I'd also drop my morning banana (which was added tomy morning mix to give it more substance). Probably move that banana to evening, or have it at my lunch - or something.

This is where the diet drops off the cliff, as it were. We are beyond what Shaklee recommends. And means anyone using this for extreme weight loss is on their own.

But I did find this article, which seems to be unique: http://www.articlesbase.com/nutrition-articles/a-healthy-diet-4959234.html

Their salient quote is this: 

But I always recommend that you fit Cinch into your life, don't make your life fit into the Shaklee Diet. Many diets are unrealistic with the rules, the points, the special food to buy with no education on how to cook healthy yourself. Cinch is simple: Drink a protein packed delicious shake for breakfast and lunch ( or just breakfast or Lunch), eat a healthy snack of raw fruits and veggies or a Cinch snack bar when you are hungry and have a  nutritious dinner. Enjoy some Cinch energy tea instead of diet soda and fill in the gaps with powerful nutrients in the Cinch 3-in-1 boost supplements.

Grab and Go, Shake and drink, Move and move and you will see the results. You will enjoy the inches falling away and not miss those lost pounds.

It's the point, which I found, that you are able to shake these cravings for excessive fats and sugars in your diet. That is the result of the Cinch Diet Plan. Drop fat, improve your metabolism. Make this stuff a part of your life - for real.

That's the trade-off. And is a consistent point of Shaklee - make their products a part of your life, and improve your quality of living immeasurably. I've already gone over the point that the Cinch Diet Plan is affordable simply on dropping out the expensive treats and restaurants and replacing these with a structured diet with their supplements.

Similarly, you can afford to replace your household cleaning compounds by simply shifting over to Basic H and their "Get Clean" product line. They last longer, and are less toxic - plus are designed to be environmentally responsible.

Even with a month left, I already have my "Plan B" in action. The 3-in-1 Cinch daily vitamins are replaced with their Vitalizer set. Cinch is replaced with the less-expensive Soy Protein Vanilla, and as well, the Nutriferon immune booster. It's called the "Vitalizer Men's Wellness Pack" This gives me the vitamins and protein I need, as well will then take the immune response booster in order to improve my resistance to infection even higher. You simply can't beat the quality of Shaklee vitamins. Period. Especially at that price. (Good enough for NASA and all that.)

Practically, what has kept my blogging progress down in this area is that I've more energy and have taken on additional projects, which keep me particularly busy. And so you may not hear from me all that much in the coming days - until some of thos projects are completed. (Not to mention earning a living meanwhile...)

What I am happy with is the product of losing the waist sizes and in proving for myself that this Shaklee diet plan works exactly to the degee you follow it just as laid out. Simple. I've met no one who has followed it and has been unable to lose weight/inches.

The overall outcome is that now I'm able to simply reduce my input at will, and so able to decrease my weight - all under my own control.

May your results be as effective.

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