Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to get millions of solutions to any problem

The problem becomes which solution to pick...

Of course, getting crops in, cows fed and watered, gardens weeded - all these are the typical problems which any farmer or rural resident has. Part of the rural lifestyle we all love. 

To say they are problems is a misnomer. Because in doing so, you are simply adding to the situation. 

Anytime and every time you "fight" against something, you create persistence of those elements in a tangled and non-productive scene. Resolving any situation-problem is simply to see how many hundreds, thousands, hundred-thousands, millions of solutions which are possible for any scene.

In order to see these, you simply have to change your mind. 

Years ago, I worked up a collection of essays which have to do with this area. Genius is really the basics of it - everyone has genius problem-solving abilities from the time they are born, if not before.

More recently, a book I've dusted off and re-published has gotten some new respect down this line (and is selling well) - Claude M. Bristol's "Magic of Believing."

What these have in common is that you create the world around you. The more you are creative and positive about the world you live in, the more everything becomes solvable and doable. The attitude to adopt (which can take practice to make perfect) is Earl Nightingale's "calm, cheerful expectancy" - which he first talked about in his 1956 classic gold recording "The Strangest Secret". 

This year is no stranger to difficulties. A cool spring delayed grass growing and crop planting. If you miss the window you have, then you risk crops which won't sprout and grow and harvest on time. Growing grass-fed beef means being willing to delay shipping times, as otherwise they don't gain the weight which is needed by clients. 

Instead of problems, you can also consider that you are being handed lessons. As you learn these, you can turn any expense into a profit, and leverage every and all situations into abundance-producing scenarios which can be implemented every time such a set of factors combine in any future.

That's the point of living - creation. The more we create and take responsibility for our creations, the better life becomes - the higher we can move the quality of our rural lifestyle.

And it's already great living in the country to begin with - or visiting a farm with the family or your friends. 

Try this for yourself. Live a solution-prone life. Be your own genius.

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