Monday, March 8, 2010

New Calf - New Breed?

Well, this little cuss was born yesterday and was up and kicking his heels within hours. Quite a beauty.

He's a cross between a Belted Galloway (Beltie) bull and a white-faced Angus cow. That's how he's gotten his darling Panda looks.

The advantage of the Beltie/Angus cross is that you get the faster weight-gain of the Angus with the improved forage efficiency of the Beltie - who is rumored to eat almost anything out there. We've had one other last year, a heifer, who is already known affectionately as "Little Goat".

Combined with our shift to managed grazing, ultimately to a "mob stocking" level, we will be able to produce an improved efficiency through our crossbreeding and forage management.

I'm working on a whitepaper about this subject, so should have more information for you shortly. And I have to get a video of this new little one for YouTube...

But our lives are already enriched.
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