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The Diet Plan Review Blog Starts today...

My adventures in a healthy diet weight loss plan - a review

So now starts the prelude to my 4-month diet plan for weight loss.

I'll be blogging every day or so with this, providing something is interesting to talk about. But diets, like blogs about diets, generally end quickly and quietly.  Fortunately for you, 1) I do web development for a living, and 2) I'm more than over-prolific in writing and posting (do a Google search for "Robert C. Worstell" or "Robert Worstell" and you'll get a ton of stuff out there - almost all written by me, with few snarky comments by others.)

Why Shaklee's Cinch Inch-Loss Diet Plan?

Cinch weight loss diet plan for women worksWell, I've been studying up on this for weeks. And simply put: they have a better reputation than anyone else, and have built their business on 100% results. It doesn't hurt that they are less expensive per meal than all the major players - and much less costly than Subway, McDonald's, or Starbucks. And my research wound up with a dozen articles about the subject of weight loss and this particular diet plan.

Sure, I've known of Shaklee's for years. (The business is as old as I am, interestingly.) What got me into it was doing some web development for a client who wanted his site built to actually SEO better. The content research got me into the background of the company and the fact that they have never had a single product lawsuit or recall in their history. On top of that, they have a business model that is simply sensible. (They probably invented direct-sales network marketing.) Why spend money on national advertising or distributors when you could simply pay people for recommending the product?

It's the quality of the product, and their own clinical studies which proved the day. On top of that, their new CEO has brought them up into the modern day with low up-front investment, no inventory to keep, and built in drop-shipping direct to any customer you can find. I was initially interested in their Basic H (which was invented in 1960) as it was used as a Soil Conditioner in 1980's, cutting water use and also improving crop production. Even though it's not tested or recommended for this anymore, that doesn't mean it's not outrageously effective.

Plus, a $40 investment means a lifetime discount of $15 on anything I buy. (Can your city department store or big-box supermarket give you that?)

Now, about that diet - why 4 months?

Simple - they've got a buy 3, get the 4 month free.

What I'll get for that is a box every month which has 2/3rd's of my meals for those 30 days, chock full of all sorts of stuff. (See this Webinar by Dr. Jamie McManus MD FAAFP for what's in it.)

Of course, on a farm, this means it costs more cash than a lot of our meals, since we produce our own meat and most of our vegetables. (You should have been here tonight for our Italian pasta with venison-burger - yum.) However, I'm a great one for "eating my own dogfood" as it were - I'm not going to tell someone how good something is unless I've tried it myself.  And while I have to wait for months to see how well our pastures do after spraying with Basic H surfactant, I can get going on a diet.

The other main reason is that middle age hasn't kept all my pep going. I know there's more than one little twinge I've been getting which shouldn't be there - and while I walk several miles every day over the farm (in good weather), I get more tired more easily than I'd like.

ViFarming is more fun than weight-lifting or weight losstamin supplements I pretty much thought were worthless - until I found out that the quality is what makes them tick. (In California, there is one vitamin E bottler who has rows of bottles in his factory which represent all the various brands he fills for them. Meaning, they all have the same quality. Shaklee quality tests all their vitamins, every shipment. Plus they have a patented release system - but more about that another day.

Another key reason is to clean out the system a bit and overhaul it. Get trimmed down to base.

Overweight, Me?

Not really. Yes, I probably could lose about 50 or so pounds. I weigh about 240 now, but that (bleeping) BMI index says I'm "obese". Of course, they don't look at the size of my shoulders, arms and legs. Farming is still physical labor, like weightlifting (although it's a lot more fun.) So 180 or 190 would be fine - but I haven't seen those weights since high school. 

I'm looking forward to getting my pedometer and little measuring tape, plus all those little forms - and even some software - so I can track all this.

Yesterday I got confirmation my order shipped, and today was an email from Dr. McManus linking to a shorter video giving an account of what's in the kit. They've got two sites to visit and probably tomorrow I'll go to the free one (the paid one is free once you get the kit - at least the first 3 months) - and then I'll tell you more about it. I've got a few days to kill before the box shows up out here.

Oh, and remind me to tell you my taste tests...

Until later, then.

More information about the Cinch Inch-Loss Diet Plan can be found as linked below:

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