Thursday, March 29, 2012

Diet Plan Tips: Watch Your Portions

In any Diet Plan, Portion Sizes Matter

It's key that you know and understand portion sizes in order to succeed at your diet planFigure that if you are, like me and my friends, working off some excess poundage and weight, we've been eating more than we needed to.

Regardless of how we got here, or our reasons, the bottom line is to exercise more and eat less. And why I like the Cinch Inch Loss Diet Plan is because you can use their supplements to ensure you have the nutrition you need while shrinking your physical and mental stomach size.

Yesterday's lunch brought this home to me. Of course, those potatoes in butter were great tasting - and I've started being hungry at meals again - but when I swallowed that along with the french bread dipped in coffee with honey, well it was simply too much. Just being 4 or 5 days on this diet has made me not want the big meals I used to. Mentally and physically.

The study then goes to exactly what should I be eating, and more importantly, how much at each meal?

Back to my Cinch Program Guide - well, I actually found the image in my Daily Journal that they send you in your Transformation Kit. (You'll have to excuse these scans - that Daily Journal is really small - tiny, in fact.)

Here's a rough hint about your portion sizes while on the Cinch Diet PlanHere's what they say your portion sizes should be. Figure I was eating several of those "mice" over there in the image. Way over the top.

Now I'm no small guy, so I'm used to eating enough to "keep my energy up". This is just a guideline, right?

For most of us, living and working on a real farm every day isn't an option. I can see that it's more a luxury than most people want to invest in their lives.

Personally, that BMI index is off, since I'm more on the body-building end of things as opposed to a small-framed guy who's a hundred pounds over the scale. But it doesn't mean there isnt' something to learn here, something to improve on.

And when I'm uncomfortable with how much I just ate, well, that's a sign to follow.

How we got into this mess - food quality

It's like we're on an endless treadmill which is getting harder and harder to turn. The cycle goes like this:

  • Shortcuts in processing food increases profit, but decreases food quality.
  • As well, by including excess fats, salts, and sugars, food becomes addictive.
  • The body is missing nutrients and so we need to eat more food quantity to get them.
  • We turn to our "favorite" foods which are also "convenient" and contain less of what we need and more of what we don't.
  • So our bodies store the excess calories in our fat cells.
  • Meanwhile, our metabolism slows down. We don't want to move much.
  • So we store more excess food in our fat cells.
  • But to feel better, we eat more.
  • And move less.
  • And get fatter.
  • Finally, our health begins to fail.

The solution is to eat less and exercise more. The trick is that unless you change your diet to a healthy one, you are going to be on that same treadmill. Most diets just cut calories and don't concentrate on keeping your metabolism high as well.  So you don't feel good, and are hungry a lot of the time. So the diet "doesn't work" and you go off it.

One report has it that 90% of our diets are pre-processed food. And every time you process something, you lose nutrients. It's long been known that the best tasting coffee is fresh ground, then brewed. The best bread is ground into flour and then immediately cooked into loaves. Beef that's raised without additives (grass fed) and then processed as itself (like wholesale beef by the quarter) has the highest possible nutrient level - depending on what's in that pasture grass in terms of minerals.

This leads me right back into why I got into this Cinch Diet Plan, even though I'm not particularly overweight (well, a little goes a long way, doesn't it?)

I'm in this as a way to restore my own body's natural balance. So I have to get this excess fat off, as well as all the various stuff I've stored there. I want to keep my muscle mass intact and energy levelhigh.

So today's tip(s): Watch your portions. Make sure your food is locally cooked from whole (and preferably fresh) foods. And get those pre-processed temptations out of your home.

Follow those and you'll get your fat, salt, and sugar intake back to where it should always have been. 

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