Saturday, February 8, 2014

We're Moving - right here - stay tuned as the dust settles...

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Don't worry, we still talk about wholesale grass fed Missouri beef 

and discount meat in bulk - the same high quality as usual.

Just wanted to let you know there's been some changes.

I'm moving my hosting, so took this opportunity to update my site. You'll see we now have a lot more to talk about than just cattle and grass-fed beef, although on my farm, this is much higher on the conversation list than other topics.

My old site - which links directly to this one, was a bit too limiting as well. For all the bells and whistles, it simply couldn't keep up with the intense amount of data I wanted to share with all of you.

Face it, even the best CMS simply isn't a blog. No matter what input I gave to the backend programmers, this never got real to them. Sometimes you have to take off the dress shoes and put on some comfortable old boots which can take the real miles of travelling. And meanwhile, Google has made considerable improvements to their blogging platform which makes this upgrade possible.

All I'm doing is bringing that original content over here, and linking to it. But there will be quite a few posts in a short amount of time.

After that, I hope to catch you all up on some research I've been doing - plus more pictures of this year's cute and wooly calves...

The other links above will take us into some related areas of Natural Diet (beef-based, of course), Preparedness, and Modern Homesteading.

As well, I have a lot of books to bring to you, which have been out of print for several years, and in the public domain. (Which is my alter-ego as an author and publisher.)

So, I'll see you after awhile with some new content, and you can meanwhile simply enjoy these classic pages.
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