Sunday, November 2, 2014

Want to really live in a rural-suburban homestead? Now you can...

How to get your own library of rural-suburban lifestyle books...

rural-suburban lifestyle books - so everyone can experience the joys of Nature and natural living.
another gorgeous fall sunrise - with fog

Just taking a break from all my other work. Because you deserve to hear this announcement...

I've been finding and editing classic books (and some more modern ones, too) which tell you how you can be prepared, homestead, or simply learn the skills your grandparents and theirs knew about how to survive and thrive with what you have.

These cover a fairly broad area, but some of the niches include:
  • gardening
  • organic and natural farming
  • dogs and horses, training and care.
  • farm outbuildings - how to build shacks, shanties, and barns
  • farm mechanics - how to fix or build about anything.
  • preparedness - first aid, survival techniques
  • etc.
And I'm going to start publishing them here so you can share in these discoveries.

Meaning, you can start eating better quality food, preparing it in healthier ways, finding natural ways to improve your health, and live better than ever before. (Well, at least you'll have the option. Your mileage may vary...)

This means I'm expanding Worstell Farms beyond quality Missouri grass fed beef.

I also operate Midwest Journal Press as it's director. My "day job", so to speak.

And while I can service maybe a dozen or so clients who can drive inside Missouri to pick up my beef, I can also help people internationally with references and material that enable them to improve their lives by living more in harmony with Nature - specifically, getting to understand natural laws and principles.

This means all the areas above.

You see, I've found out that there are a heckuva lot of books which have never been re-published or promoted properly. And some great books are available only as overpriced textbooks when the material itself is in the public domain.

Since I've studied up on how to find these books and publish them, you benefit by being able to get both the ebook version for your smartphone/phablet/ereader - or get the print edition (without having to pay an arm, leg, first-born, etc.)

It's some work, but seems to be worth it - as people want to buy these books. (There's one book on grazing which everyone refers to, but no one has ever set up an online course to train people straight from the facts he set out in 1959.)

So I'll be able to get these books and enable you to read, study, and apply them to improve your life - wherever you live, even if it's not on a farm.

You've already seen me post one book on this ("Domestic Animals" by Richard Allen.) Look for more shortly (there will be about 50 of them here, with many more in the pipeline.)

And that's the news today.

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