Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why our prices haven't gone up like everyone else.

Because we don't feed corn - and our costs haven't (really) gone up.

We don't raise the beef just to increase our profit margins.
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The point is to provide real value.

And that's not just limited to some of the best-tasting beef you can find for wholesale prices. It's treating people like family, or better. (We're working constantly to improve on that point.)

We're looking to get regular clients. That's more valuable than getting everything sold from year to year. Our prices are decent enough we don't have to rely on the auctions.

At this point, we have another value to add - prices lower than average, and higher quality than any supermarket. Plus you know where it comes from and you can visit to find out exactly how we raise them.

Sure, I don't get all the pictures, and stories, and videos up for you. Running a cattle farm keeps you more than busy. We're transitioning to only raising beef (don't need grain for anything much) and otherwise, working to put in permaculture everywhere else. At least I could get this blog post out.

Again, doing this just drops the cost of everything. The cattle do their own cultivation, fertilizing, and harvesting. Turning everything to meat. For you and yours.

Corn-feeding farmers have the problem of high corn prices (and beef that's as tasteless as chicken.) The drought messed up a lot of good pastures for the last few years, which has put a dent in the number cows available.

Meanwhile, China and other countries have improved their quality of life (so much so that some manufacturing is returning to Mexico and the U.S.) Their higher pay has them reaching for more beef. And their fears of Avian and Swine flu has them dropping the demand for chicken and pork.

Unfortunately, the drought has also raised prices on all sorts of other foods.

So we are all suffering under increased food budgets.

Meanwhile, the cost of our farming business hasn't gone up that much. We still buy hay and fencing supplies, but those haven't increased too badly.

Instead of just becoming another profiteer, we've simply kept things the same. 

The reason? To be able to keep regulars on board, to treat them fair, as well as we do our family.

We always have the auction as a back up. Especially these days - even through they'd rather have all-black, instead of our striped ones.

Our concentration is to keep this herd paying its way. They are to cover the entire costs of the farm, make it sustainable from here on out.

You'll note that I've taken the contact form down. Because I'm getting way too many new people coming my way. If I were just selling digital books, this would be fine. But we only raise about 10 steers a year, and that just goes so far.

We're extending the privilege of  being able to process your own beef and share it with your friends and family. That's the law.

So you buy a share (or whole) from us and then pay your processor when you pick up your meat. Simple. We take care of raising it for about 2 years.

Your welcome.

So - if you haven't already signed on with us, then send me an email. Or call me - and then send me an email. All that info is on the contact page.

But our prices don't have to change now. Your choice.

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