Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Next Step: Building a Buyers Club For All-Year Beef Supplies (and More)

Our predicament is your gain - "from each dilemma, a new opportunity is found."

(Our latest calf - "Ears")
The story is that we had two bulls at the home place, and some heifers and cows we didn't want bred. Bulls fight over females, so we couldn't turn both out with the cows and heifers - yet we also didn't have three places we could keep everyone happy and well fed.

So our youngest bull is slated to be processed. But no buyers lined up.

Which means we have to stock an empty freezer - in spite of everything we already have in there.

The solution is to re-implement our Buyer's Club.

What this means is that the Buyer's Club itself buys the animal, and any member may share in the purchase. That falls within the custom-exempt law for processing.

Today, we're opening this up to new members. 

There will be a free membership, which will be informative only. A mailing-list, actually.

A paid membership (which is credited on first purchase) will be required to be part of the beef distribution.

Anyone who has already purchased from us is already a Buyer's Club member.

Too simple:
  1. Sign up on the form to the right and give us your email.
  2. We'll send you regular emails with what is currently available and upcoming, as well as related offers when we find other farmers with goods for purchase, and also what our processors have available. (Just one email a month as long as you stay subscribed - and you can opt-out at any time.)
  3. You buy what you want, or sign up for an upcoming beef-share. 
When you buy as a member direct, then you'll need to pick your beef up from us directly (we do not ship, as it's to expensive.)

If you buy a share in a beef, then you'll pick it up directly from the processor.

Of course, you can also get several people join in and a single member can pick up the order for everyone.

This gives us considerable leeway in distributing the various cuts. (Some people like liver, tongue, and heart, for example.) As well, when we have a "hamburger" cow, we can deal with that more easily - as a quarter of a large cow might be too much for some.

Anyway, you get the idea.

Sign up and let us know. 

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